Стиль и мода

Fashion: Most international urban centers have a central shopping district related to fashion. We take the students there and introduce them to some of the principal streets in the world and the top boutiques. Along with studying the principal designers, models and runway shows, they will also have first hand encounters with Vancouver's high-end shops and promotional events.

Luxury Goods: Finding out how new technologies such as fabrics, software and advertising, for instance come together to create a desire for luxurious experiences. This class studies all the major producers of luxury goods and their particular history in this field. The emphasis is on getting students to judge how and why luxury goods maintain a particular appeal and understanding how different markets shape this interest. 

Design: In order to grasp the significance of useful design students will be prepared to identify some of the most important creations. Against this backdrop they learn how new technologies affect the need to create better applications. Not only design as an efficient solution will be considered, students can also expect to distinguish how particular styles, become influential art forms.