Wine Appreciation: Learning how to order wine for the right occasion as well as food in a foreign country is hard even for discerning travelers. Our experts in the field give the best tips as well as solid information from wine tasting with professional advice. Students will have an excellent opportunity to see how pairing certain wine with different food becomes a practiced art.

Spas & Resorts: The class concentrates on some of the key components of the luxury resort rating systems. Finding out how these systems vary depending on the country introduces students to the importance of guidebooks. Field trips to urban and resort spa properties in the Vancouver and Whistler area also provides a first hand experience of this material.

Restaurants: Along with studying the different types of restaurants material will be presented for students on the interior design and architectural style of various establishments. The resort, hotel and chain restaurant will all be presented for discussion. As well as learning how the best restaurants in the world became that way, students will get contemporary information on the famous chefs and the cuisine they make to get them noticed.