Dance: The emphasis for this component is to see how entertainment plays a role in various fields. In dance for instance, one particular phenomenon is how youth culture attains a right of passage into mainstream society, through the activity of learning different dance steps. Here the students investigate how some historical dance styles are particular to different generations of young adults.

Theatre: In this segment discussion centers around how theatrical productions turn into motion pictures. Several major plays will be considered alongside their film adaptations. Students learn how to read scripts and understand how screenplays become developed from them. Another portion of discussion is learning how to distinguish the Broadway performer from the Hollywood actor.

Music: For this class students can be expected to research a broad cross-section of music. From the principal opera scores to the latest film soundtrack, students will be taken into the music industry in all its complexity, from the businesses that operate it to the audiences that buy it. Students will also be able to access the music database at IHMC to sample and download a wide variety of styles.