Кулинарное искусство

Introduction to World Cuisine: In order to present first hand experience by seasoned chefs this section brings the kitchen into the classroom. Students will learn how to judge different types of cuisine and also understand how to prepare them. The College will arrange field trips to a variety of different restaurants, as well as trips to local markets, so students understand how the seasonal availability of certain produce comes into effect.

Contemporary Cuisine: This can also mean fusion and in this class the students will see how the cuisine of different cultures is brought into contact with each other and prepared as something new. The engaging subject of this class is watching the food getting prepared and finding out how exciting types of food are created using a wide-ranging palette of ingredients.

Classical Cuisine: Otherwise known as French cuisine, students will get an in-depth study of this gourmet experience. A thorough grounding in specific terminology will be offered as well as a general orientation in constructing a serviceable menu. By studying around the service of food preparation, students gain immense confidence and aptitude, necessary for the creation and appreciation of sophisticated cuisine.