Художественное искусство

Classical Art: In this area the class investigates how a broad spectrum of the population considers the objects in museums as art. A good portion of lecture discussion centers on some of the most significant works of art in the world. A behind the scenes look, through films and visits to Vancouver's museums, serve to illuminate how some artifacts turn into priceless cultural property.

Contemporary Art: This class is devoted to the principal cities of the world and the visual art and artists they produce. Along with the cultural production, the students look at the top galleries, the most important collectors and how they become so influential. Lastly, students will understand how prestigious awards, work together to help the artist, the gallery and the collector elevate presentations of contemporary art.

Museums & Auctions: The last component takes students into the top museums and auction houses in the world. Using the Internet, lectures will focus on getting students familiar with how to value artworks online, and how to distinguish different periods in the auction guides. A considerable amount of material will focus on how museum exhibitions, increase auction prices and knowing what causes these pronounced escalations have.